Ideas For Trade Booth Displays That Draw Visitors

Having a spot at a trade show is certainly an honor and presents an opportunity for you to showcase yourself, your brand, your products and so much more.

Trade shows are very popular because they can be a great platform for such showcases. They can also be very competitive. Securing a spot can be a challenge and space can be limited, so you only have so many ways that you can present yourself and a short amount of time to get the attention of visitors to really achieve success, whether that is by making a sale or presenting information that could someday lead to a purchase.

Whatever your objective is, it can only be achieved by having a great trade booth display that captures the attention of visitors and expresses your business well. Today, we will look at a few ways that you can make your trade show displays better and gain more attention to have a more successful outing at your next trade show appearance.


Your brand is the most important element of your marketing strategy. It is your identity, what people will remember you by after they visit. Labeling your display with your brand and making it a continuous part of display helps further drive home the message. Your brand embodies your business and means everything to your products and services. Having great branding, a quality logo and messaging that supports the brand is the foundation of successful trade show experiences.

Create a Photo Booth

Create a Photo Booth

When you go to an event, you will often see promotional materials like flyers and handouts and things of that nature. But in this day and age, a social media post is a far more effective way to promote your brand. In an era when selfies are the popular thing, give people a photo opportunity by snapping a photo with signage or a banner that showcases the brand. Photo booths are fun because they allow people to show off their personalities, dress up, put on a costume, use props — there is so much room for creativity. These photos become a memory for your visitors and can be great marketing material for you.

Social Media Involvement

If photos are a great way to create content for your social media, involving social media is something that can be done at all phases of the trade show. You can start before the event even begins, promoting some of the things you may demonstrate or showcase, little teases of what is to come. At the event, use social media to build the excitement, using hashtags to post about the event, go live on Facebook or Instagram for a demonstration or update, and always have your social media information readily available for people passing your booth. Once the event is over, you can take some of the images and videos you may have gathered from the event and post them as well, bringing your internal coverage full circle.

Create An Inviting Environment

It’s not enough to just have a table set up and create a divide between you as a vendor and the visitor. Many booths can be set up as a desk or table with people walking up to the table, maybe reading some information and then moving on. Opening things up and creating the opportunity to really invite the visitor in goes a long way in building a rapport and generating interest.


Many trade booth displays will have free giveaways as part of the presentation, usually little novelty items that promote the brand like pens, cups, lanyards and other small items.

Promotional trade show giveaways

You can have a selection or get something that everyone will want that will draw in a crowd and allow you to engage with visitors.

Offers and Deals

A trade show also offers the opportunity to present a new offer or deal to visitors, especially if they are willing to purchase on the spot. This should be an offer that is exclusive to visitors at each specific trade show, which can influence people to make a decision quickly rather than take time to decide and possibly never return.

Product Demonstrations

Being at a trade show offers the opportunity to present, and what better way to get new customers to buy your product than to see it in action? A demo should put the spotlight on the product, showcase the ease of use and why it is convenient for customers and leave time for answering any questions that could be the deciding factor for your customers.


Setting up an effective trade booth display and using it to your advantage can be the difference between having a successful day at a trade show or going back to the drawing board and trying to figure out how you can better market your products and plan your display.

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