Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade Shows are one of the most important marketing strategies that businesses use to promote their product in the market. While the current era is all about social media advertisement, trade shows remain one of the main forms of advertisement and sales-boosting strategy.

More than 92% of the attendees visit trade shows to try out new products and search for new brands in the market. It makes trade shows a great opportunity to physically introduce your brand to new customers and demonstrate how your product or service can solve their problems.

Having an eye-catching, interesting, yet clear display of your brand at a trade show is the key to attracting more customers. But why exactly is a great trade show display important to expand your customer base? And how can you do that? Let's find out!

Why Is It Important?

You must have seen businesses spending a hefty amount on fancy, custom trade show displays. An average business can spend around $40,000 to $60,000 on a trade show which explains the importance of this event.

After all, this money will be an investment that will bring more organic customers to your brand. It can bring a massive potential for growth to your brand in three ways:

Puts Your Brand Out In The Market

Just like running an advertisement of your product on TV or social media, exhibiting your brand live on a trade show will help make your brand prominent in the market. 74% of the attendees buy products from a brand after seeing it at a trade show.

Why? Because the brand names seem familiar. It creates a presence of your brand in the market, leading more people to give your products a try. Since a unique trade show display creates a lasting impression of your brand, it is important to pay extra attention to the visuals of your exhibition.

Great Lead Generator 

Like a landing page is an online advertisement for your product that attracts customers to check out your brand, a trade show booth works the same. In fact, it is more important as people are spending their time on individual booths, checking out physical products. 

An average attendee spends over 8 hours visiting different booths at trade shows and expos. If your display is more attractive and inviting, the chances are that people would spend more time checking out your products and services.

4 out of 5 attendees may end up becoming your potential customers, which is a huge percentage when it comes to generating sales. So, make sure to invest in attention-grabbing displays for the exhibition to skyrocket your trade. 

Build A Better Relationship 

People tend to show more trust for the products and services they have physically seen or tried out. It helps create a relationship between the brand and the consumer. In fact, the top 3 goals of exhibitors in the trade show are creating awareness, generating leads, and building a strong relationship with their customers.

Your booth is an interactive space for the seller and customer. The way the booth representative engages with the customers also plays a major role. That's why it is important to choose the right representative for your booth, as 85% of an exhibitor's success at a trade show depends on the staff they bring.

But more importantly, your booth should be unique and aesthetically pleasing enough to attract customers leading your staff to start a conversation. Remember, your display should be high-quality and engaging to captivate the customer's attention.

“74% of the attendees buy products from a brand after seeing it at a trade show”

How To Nail A Trade Show Setup?

The visuals of your brand also play a major role in boosting your sales. Human beings are visual creatures, and they get attracted to high-quality, engaging displays—49% of marketers rate visual marketing as the most important marketing strategy.

That being said, we can now regard the appearance of your trade show exhibit as one of the most important factors. Now that you know how important it is to have a high-quality, unique, and engaging display for your trade show, it is time to learn how to have one:

Make It Clear 

Cluttered and overwhelming trade show booth displays can do more to your business than good. You don't necessarily have to go overboard with LCDs and audio settings. A clear and simple booth with trade show banners and stands can bring you many customers if you use the right visuals.

Your display should go well with the size of the exhibition. For example, a very small kiosk for a huge trade show will not draw any attention to your business. At the same time, a huge counter in a small exhibition will overpower the whole trade event.

Convey Your Message 

Your trade show stands graphics should include a clear message of what your brand is and what problem are your products/services going to solve. While you focus on the unique design, attractive impressions, and pop-up displays, don't forget to keep your tagline and brand motto in mind.

It will help people relate to your brand more, as you will be providing a solution to their problem. This message will be something they will remember and come back to your brand for future purchases. You can also give them a freebie that showcases the purpose of your brand so they can experience all the claims that your company has made.

Don't Overdo It

While it's easy to overfill your counter with all the products from your brand, it can be a big mistake. Only display products that convey the motto of your brand well. Too many products can overwhelm and confuse the customers, which will make them less likely to purchase a product.

Similarly, your trade show backdrop and pop-up banner display should also be clean and focused. Avoid cluttering it with too many graphics and flashy fonts. The words on your banner should be clearly visible and comprehensible from afar to attract customers to your booth.

Make Your Exhibition A Success With TradeShowPlus 

To make your trade show successful, you need to invest in the best type of display for your business. We at TradeShowPlus have a variety of display options. Our collection includes Tension fabric displays, Modular displays, Pop up displays, Backlit displays, Banner stands, Trade show counters, Tabletop displays, Outdoor displays, portable trade show displays, and kiosk displays.

Our displays arrangements come in different sizes, along with other display accessories and replacement graphics. With our high-tech booths and vibrant trade show graphics, you will be able to convey your brand's purpose to your potential customers.

The best part is that ordering at TradeShowPlus is effortless. All you have to do is follow three basic steps; browse for the desired product, upload your graphics on the given template, approve the end results, and place the order.

You can also find a detailed list of all the trade shows happening worldwide, with links to sponsors' websites, exhibitors, attendees, and exact locations. We also specialize in last-minute display equipment requirements to make sure you get what you need even when the time is running out.

With TradeShowPlus, exhibiting your brand at a trade show with a successful outcome can become just an order away.

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