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Tips For A Trade Show That Stands Out

Being present at a trade show puts you directly in contact with your customers. There is no better way to communicate with potential customers than to be directly in front of them with face to face interaction. Even then, your marketing skills are put to the test.

You want to do something that draws a crowd to your trade show booth and make sure they see you and are interested in what you have to offer. How can you be sure to draw the attention of potential customers?

A great display booth can make all the difference. Today, we will present a few tips and trick to have a high quality convention booth display at your next trade show that draws in customers.

Eye Catching Graphics

Eye Catching Graphics

Obviously, if you have a convention booth display, there will be a lot of people around you with the same goal, to draw attention. The best way to do this is with graphics that stand out. Use high-resolution images and graphics to give you a great exhibit design. Use pop-up displays, banners, booth wraps, tabletop displays, large-format posters, and even backlit signage to catch attention. Remember to use bold images and large font that is easy to read so people attending the trade show can read it from across the show floor.


You won’t stand out if you don’t add some customization to your trade show display in some way. Include the name of the show you are attending. Adjust the copy and images of your displays for the event and the audience expected to attend. Make changes to promotions you offer based on your audience. The goal is to make each show you attend a little unique so a new audience gets drawn to you.

Drive Attendance

Drive Attendance

If you are making a trade show appearance soon, promote it by using direct mail. Print flyers and include personalized URLs so people can easily make appointments, register for events, or claim incentives.

Present Measurables

Once you are set up and a trade show begins, how can you track if you are having success? Give out promotion codes, scan bar-codes for promotions, or give out business cards to track the attendance at your booth. This will help you not only see how well you did at a specific show but also which marketing methods worked the best for you.

Follow Up with Contacts

Follow Up with Contacts

Once you have connected with an attendee at a trade show, don’t forget about them. Follow up with them shortly after the trade show to see if there is the potential for business. You put in the work to get them to visit your convention booth display, so don’t let them just walk away without attempting more contact.

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