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Fabric Trade Show Displays from TradeShowPlus

As you prepare for trade shows, you think mostly about the display, the way everything looks around you as you make your presentation. There are more and more fabric trade show options popping up that can make things quick and easy for setup and allow you to focus on the other elements of the trade show and your presentation.

Fabric trade show displays come in different sizes, different shapes, can be easily customizable and make it easy to get to many different trade shows and keep setup and breakdown to just a couple of minutes.

When it comes to your display, there are various elements you should consider. Today, we will take a look at those elements and what you can do to be most effective.

Trade Show Graphics

Trade Show Graphics

Your graphics can really make a difference in a trade show display. Graphics that are sized well, colorful and clean are the most eye-catching. That is what it is all about at a trade show. You want to draw attention to your display as much as possible.

With TradeShowPlus, you not only get the supplies that you need for your display, but you can get the printing too. With state of the art printing services, we can customize any item with the graphics you need to stand out. When choosing graphics, use ones that showcase your product or services to give visitors an idea of what you do. Using high-resolution graphics also goes a long way because it shows a dedication to putting your best foot forward and making a good impression.

Trade Show Branding Elements

You should always feature the name of your business and your logo prominently on any display. There are so many ways you can showcase this. Many people choose to use table runners that are branded to add a logo. Any branding should include some specific elements, like a link to your website or a tagline or slogan that you are known for.

No matter how you try to place branding, one thing you need to do is to make sure that the logo and branding are at eye level. This is the most important part of being at a trade show, to catch the eyes of those who are visiting. The more eyes you can reach, the better for you and your business.

Quality Trade Show Lighting

Quality Trade Show Lighting

Good lighting draws in people. You can try to display your products, but sometimes the right lighting can make all the difference. With the right lighting, the focus can shift on a product or the message that you are trying to promote. If you have walls to your display or areas where there may be shadows, lighting can illuminate things and change the mood of the display. Adding some light can be the subtle little touch you need to create attention.

Interactive Trade Show Features

With the way technology is in today’s world, getting people involved can make a huge difference in creating a connection with a possible future customer. Including interactive elements to your presentation can go a long way with visitors. Videos and interactive displays can be great for creating a connection with visitors and allowing them to have a hands-on experience.

Interactive Trade Show Features

The main purpose of having interactive elements should be to strike up a conversation. From a different standpoint, using social media to your advantage can be interactive as well. Tweet pictures, share images on Facebook, capture videos and images and make a video that you can post to YouTube. You can also give an incentive to customers who include a special hashtag for the event or visitors who become followers while at the event.

Promotional Trade Show Items

People are more likely to stop at a booth that is giving out promotional items. Whether they are handouts with a promo code or something small that can have a small part in your visitor’s everyday life, give branded items that include the logo or contact information. Promotional items give visitors something physical to take away from the display and presentation, which makes it more likely that they will remember you.


At TradeShowPlus, you will find everything needed to make your next trade show event a success. TradeShowPlus has been a top trade show display supplier for over 20 years and has over 2,500 products ready to be customized with your logo and message. Visit today to view our full range of exhibit displays, banner stands,  outdoor event products and more ranging from popup, tension fabric and many other display solutions.

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