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Beautiful Tension Fabric Display Backdrops

Attending a trade show is as much about preparation as it is the presentation itself. There are materials you need, printing that may need to be done and a lot of brainstorming for the best way to display your message and brand. You know that you need to stand out among the crowd and the competition that will be attending with you.

Before you actually begin the creative process for gathering materials and designs, you need to know what kind of space you have to work with for your trade show booth and what kind of materials you can use safely without crowding yourself. You want to have room to let yourself move around and for the products you may be displaying to breathe so things don’t feel so stiff during your presentation.

Once you get an idea for the space you have to work with and the materials you can use, you then need a place to go to get them. That’s where TradeShowPlus comes in.

Tension fabric backdrops are a great way to display your message

Tension fabric backdrops are a great way to display your message. They are very convenient, easy to assemble and there are many different styles available. They are also a relatively inexpensive option among exhibit stands, but also very durable, which make them a solid investment if you are a regular at trade shows in your area or even across the state or several states. The convenience comes from the ability to change fabrics. You can use one single frame and simply change the fabric to change the appearance of the exhibit from one show to another. This way you can tailor your presentation more toward the audience you will be in front of that day instead of having the same message and branding at every show. With different fabrics and printing methods, the designers at TradeShowPlus are able to create lively and detailed imagery for tension fabric backdrops that will create a connection with your audience and attract the eyes of those in attendance.

Fabric displays come in many different styles with many different features and shapes. This is important for you because you want to be careful about the size and the amount of design you put into the display.

A trade show backdrop or banner should not be larger than the space you have in your booth. You run the risk of having to adjust the banner to fit around a table or awning and that can make the message difficult to read and look unprofessional. This will turn away visitors. In the same sense, you want a backdrop that is big enough as well. Having a backdrop that is too small makes you look indifferent to the design of the booth and brings into question how much you care about your presentation. Having the right tools can make all the difference.

Less is more!

Once you have a tension fabric backdrop at a proper size, you should focus on your design, but remember that less is more. You don’t want to put too much on the backdrop because then nothing will stand out on its own. There is a simple structure that can help you get all of the essentials onto the backdrop without overdoing it. Have a bold headline that is short and to the point, add an image, list a few bullet points from your presentation and leave a call to action with company information. Providing only the necessary information will go a long way.

The less is more approach to adding information can leave room for more white space, which makes a display easier to read. With more room, choosing a font that is easy to read becomes easier to choose as well.

At TradeShowPlus, you can get tension fabric backdrops at a great price.

At TradeShowPlus, you can get tension fabric backdrops at a great price in many styles so you have exactly what you need for your next trade show. We have been supplying materials to trade show attendees since 2000.

Lastly, keeping the backdrop design consistent with your brand, your website, your business cards, and whatever materials you have that go along with your brand is also important so people become familiar with it and recognize it on additional factors like signage, logo and color scheme.


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