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Benefits of Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Benefits of popup exhibits

Pop up displays are a great way to enhance your exhibition space. Commonly used at trade shows as a way to showcase your brand and information about your products, and they serve as a backdrop for the rest of your presentation.

Trade shows are all about making an impression and showing off your products and brand in a way that draws people in and catches their attention. With the right display, you can get the attention of anyone at a trade show and start to build up your audience so that you are continually marketing yourself and your brand with every show you attend. 

When choosing the right display for a trade show, you want to know the benefits and how it can help you get more out of a trade show experience. Here are some of the benefits of pop up displays.

Easy to Assemble - Time is everything at a trade show, so you want to have supplies that are easy to set up and don’t require a lot of effort. Pop up displays are perfect for this since they are easily connected within a sturdy frame. The frame is retractable so it can be assembled in seconds, allowing you to focus on other things in the time leading up to your event. When the event is over, you can also disassemble as quickly as you set it up.

Durability - At a trade show, you need to have a display that is durable. Many of these pop up display frames are made of aluminum, which makes them more flexible and easier to adjust and maintain. The light material also makes them easy to transport, so it is never a struggle to get the display from one show to another. The durability of the display frame also means that you can focus more on your presentation and less about your display and your equipment.

Technology - The best displays at trade shows are including multimedia elements or interactive elements that make your visitors feel more involved. With displays that now include and embrace the use of technology, there are new elements added that can display information and showcase your brand. This can be done through product presentations, instructional videos, animations, talk shows or other video segments that show off the product in a new way.

Easy Storage - When you are done with your trade show presentation, you want to be able to store your materials neatly so they can always be accessed quickly when you have your next show, or you need to make updates to your display before your next event. Pop up displays can fold and be stored in small spaces, making it easy to store them within your own home and are much smaller than other forms of trade show advertising.

Our Most Popular Pop Up Display

Hopup Pop Up Displays Hopup Pop Up Displays
Hopup collapsible displays utilize pop up frames and pre-attached graphics for the ultimate ease of use. Displays are lightweight and available in a wide range of sizes.

 More Great Pop Up Displays

OneFabric Displays OneFabric Displays
The OneFabric pop up display makes exhibiting a breeze. It's lightweight for easy transport and durable for long-lasting presentations and exhibits. The full color graphic makes it possible to print any design imaginable and can be changed out within minutes.
Xclaim Collapsible Displays Xclaim Displays
Few displays offer the graphic customization options of Xclaim, with a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes that will capture the attention of your audience. Xclaim pop up displays use a magnetic frame that sets up and stores quickly and easily.
 Embrace Collapsible Displays Embrace Displays
Embrace collapsible displays feature push-fit SEG graphics that easily attach to the pop up frame along the edges. With displays up to 15ft tall and 30ft wide, there's a solution for every size exhibit.
VBurst Pop Up Displays
VBurst Displays
The VBurst is a fabric backwall pop up system. It is available as either a flat or curved display with or without end panels. VBurst utilizes the dye sublimation graphic process to produce the highest quality graphics.
Coyote Popup Displays Coyote Displays
Coyote Popup displays are an industry standard, featuring purple aluminum magnetic frames and high quality graphics. Portable and durable, Coyote is the perfect display solution.
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