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Trade Show Walls to WOW Your Audience

For presenters at a trade show, sometimes bigger is better. You know you have only one chance to make a first impression with those passing your display, and you want to make sure they see you, understand your message and are intrigued enough to stay and learn more about your products and services. Trade show walls can be a great way to add wow factor to your display.

A good trade show display is the way to success when taking on a number of competitors and others vying for business. It’s important to make sure people are able to understand your brand and message from the start and see the benefits of your product before you really even start to give a presentation. Keep it brief and keep it bold and that can help draw attention so you can present your product and do the rest in drawing interest.

So how can you make your trade show walls and the rest of your display have an impact with your audience? Today, we will review a few design ideas that can help you achieve success at your next show.

Quality Backlit Trade Show Displays

Quality Graphics

When you are printing up any materials for your trade show display, you want quality. This is especially true for the graphics on your walls and any other signage in your exhibit. Digital graphics that are shown on screens can look much more appealing than printed graphics, but going to a printer who can print graphics with the highest quality will also help. A healthy mix of digital and print can be very effective. Digital graphics offer the potential for animation and on-screen action which can keep people’s attention and quality printed graphics can keep your main focus in view throughout a presentation.

Have a Focus

Before you go into your show, make sure you know the one thing you want any visitors to remember when they eventually leave. Maybe you are launching a new product and you want that product to be the thing people are talking about. Maybe you have a specific category that fits a specific audience. The focus can change from one show to another, but stick to the main focus and not a bunch of angles that can leave customers leaving with confusion.

Backwalls Can Create Focus

The Backwall

Having display walls in your exhibit will depend upon space. Some trade shows offer spaces that allow for nothing more than a tabletop display and others leave room to really have a large display. If you have the room for walls, and more importantly a backwall, take advantage of it. From a visual standpoint, the backwall is the focal point of your presentation. This is the thing people will probably see first and will see throughout your presentation. So have the backwall match the focus that you want to establish with the audience. If there is one thing that they should leave remembering, use the backwall to convey the message as well.

Simple Messaging

Your focus is important and so is the way you present it. When it comes to any wording or messages on the trade show walls or elsewhere in your booth, keep it simple. It’s easy to have too much happening on your display if you overthink the messaging or the graphics. A simple approach is the way to go because it is more likely to strike a chord with those visiting.

Put QR Codes to Use

Consider your materials as well. If you have printed graphics or handouts, take advantage of the use of QR codes. When people scan this code, they can get taken to an online product description, to your website or social media pages, to a YouTube video on the product, or to something interactive for visitors to do. As much as the message and graphics are important, so is the experience for customers, and this is a great way to get visitors involved and give your display a hands-on aspect. QR codes are extremely popular in both China and Europe.

Put QR Codes to Use

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