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Create A Sense of Urgency For Trade Show Prospects

Although trade shows are great for bringing attention to your brand, we all know how hard it can be to encourage your prospect to go ahead and make a decision. Creating a sense of urgency can be hard when it comes to trade shows because you’re forced to have a face-to-face conversation rather than adding a simple “sign up today” at the end of your sentence. If you’re not sure how to create a sense of urgency​ without seeming like the overly pushy salesperson, here are some ways to get your prospect to make a decision then and there.

Get To Know Your Prospects

Get To Know Your Prospects

Even though it may take a bit of time, getting to know your prospect will give you the upper hand in the long run. By getting to know where your potential customers’ work, what they’re looking for, and why they could be interested in your product or service, you’ll be able to cater your pitch directly toward their needs. The key to getting people to make a decision about your product quickly is to create a solution to their problems. In order to get an idea of what they’re looking for and need, you’re going to need to get a good sense of who they are. A strong start almost always guides the way to a sure-fire sell.

Stay Away From Pushy Language

When you’re preparing for your sales pitch, it’s always good to be conscious of the language you’re using. To ensure you’re not being too pushy and artificial, stay away from phrases such as “now” and “today.” Although those are great for creating urgency on limited time offers, simply telling potential customers that they should buy today may come off sounding a little too pushy.

Instead of using commanding words, it’s better to use phrases that create a sense of urgency for the customers to solve their specific problem. Altering your language to focus on helping them solve their problems faster rather than simply trying to sell your product will undoubtedly create a sense of trust as well as urgency. With this tactic, they’ll see you more as someone there to help rather than sell.

Create A Sense Of Security

People trust real-life experiences more than an overly rehearsed sales pitch. One of the best ways to get people to make a decision fast is by incorporating any real-life experiences (either of your own or someone you know) that relate to their situation.

People Buy From People They Trust

Let’s say a customer is concerned about buying an automated vacuum because he or she owns a dog or cat. However, you have a friend who owns a dog who also shared the same concern and had no problem at all. In fact, the friend of yours actually had a great experience because it ended up doubling as a toy.

Stories like these are great to mention not only because it shows the customer that you understand the concern, but it also debunks any doubts he or she may have in a more realistic manner compared to simply stating facts.

The truth of the matter is that people like to feel as though their concerns are taken into consideration. Using the experiences of past customers, friends or even yourself can help erase any doubts or concerns they may have about the product or service and how it may affect their personal lifestyle. When it comes to making a quick decision, reliability is a big way to get the customer to really delve into trying your product.

Get A Feel For Where They Stand

Get A Feel For Where They Stand

No matter how well your sales pitch may have gone, it can still be tough to see what is going through the prospect’s mind. Slight nods and smiles can mean anything from “I’m ready to buy” to “I don’t believe a single thing.” To be completely sure of where the prospect stands, it’s nice to have an upfront, honest conversation about his or her thoughts on the situation.

If, for example, money is an issue, creating a custom payment plan will show the customer you are dedicated to truly helping him or her. You’ll often find that an easily fixable concern can stop the customer from making a quick decision. Being open and honest is one of the best ways to get things moving.

When it comes to making decisions, we all know how hard it can be to make a quick one. Big or small, any decision requires consideration; the more information, the better. In order to seal the deal with potential customers, put yourself in their shoes. Instead of focusing on your goal and your product, put yourself in a situation to help them fix their problems. Once you do that, the rest will flow naturally.



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