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Why Day 3 Is Worth The Effort

You’ve done months of preparation. You’ve drawn in the crowds. Your trade show setup looks great. And you’ve made it – at last – to the final day of the event. To put it lightly, you’re fading. While it may be tempting, don’t let yourself slow down on this last day when you’ve made it this far. If you don’t think the last day is worth much, think again – and read on to learn why it’s so important for you to keep up your hard work for just a little longer!

Stragglers can be just as interested as the prompt attendees

  • The stragglers can be just as interested as the prompt attendees. Just because they’re passing by your booth on the last day doesn’t make them any less interested than those who pass by on the first.
  • Some of those “stragglers” might not have actually been at the trade show for the first two days – perhaps Day 3 was the only day that worked with their schedule.
  • For large trade show events, it may take three days for attendees to make the rounds to all the booths. This means that the impression they get of yours (even on that final day) will be the first one – and first impressions last.
  • Your feelings will likely be obvious to passersby, who will be able to tell from your body language and attitude that you’ve mentally checked out. Whether they’ve visited your stand before or it’s their first time seeing it, that impression isn’t going to be a positive one for you – or for your company.
  • People who hang around until the last day of a trade show often have a bit more time than on the other days when there are often more events happening. Use this to your advantage by engaging with people. You’ll be able to go into more detail than otherwise about your products or services and provide a clearer picture of what it is you’re offering.
  • For any attendees you’ve met already, they’ve had some time to mull over the conversations they’ve had at the event – and may have developed some questions about what you discussed with them. Or, perhaps they’re comparing what you’re offering with one of your competitors at the trade show. Either way, be sure you’re at the top of your game to answer any questions and explain what you have that perhaps your competitor doesn’t (which may simply be a presence on Day 3 – and that can be enough!).
  • Bonus Tip: Your feet are probably aching by Day 3 – but not if you bring two pairs of shoes to wear! Alternate shoes every other day, and you’ll find some relief so you can focus on what’s important instead of trying to hide the fact that you’re in pain.


To put it short, you never know when that golden opportunity will strike – but it could very well be in the last five minutes of the last day of your trade show. So, follow these trade show tips and don’t give up the ship a minute too early, or you could miss out!


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